V for Vendetta

I've been doing some reading on the ethical questions regarding the issue of terrorism and whether it could ever be morally justified. It may seem like a slam dunk to think that all forms of terrorism are always unjustifiable, but there are a great number of variables that ought to be considered before we jump to conclusions. For one thing, defining terrorism, even before dealing with its ethical and emotional implications, can turn out to be extremely difficult to do. Under some very decent definitions, for instance, it turns out the United States is one of the worst perpetrators of terrorism, hard as that may be to accept.

In any case, and since I'm busy as hell, I figured I'd post V for Vendetta as a wonderful study of some of the issues concerning terrorism, especially from a point of view different from the one we normally tend to hold. Make sure you watch it in full-screen mode.

And in case you missed V's introduction to Eve, here it goes in graphic form:

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