Howard Zinn - Voices of a People's History

In this Google Talk, and in his own refreshing and amusing style, historian and author of the now classic A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn lays out some of his interesting thoughts on the recent election, as well as some of the attitudinal, philosophical and practical changes he thinks we can make as citizens and as a nation in order to create the possibility of really improving the lives of people, healing our long-wounded moral standing in the world, and even fighting terrorism while reducing our military empire.

If you ever noticed the scene in Good Will Hunting in which Zinn's book was mentioned (if I recall correctly, it was a scene in the therapist's office), Zinn explains how that happened and talks a little bit about his relationship to Matt Damon. It's pretty funny.

Did I forget to mention Objectivists and Randians might not like what Zinn has to say? I bet hearing Zinn's proposal to 'tax the wealth' gave some a heart attack... :)
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