Journey of Life - Seas of Life

Your body, and that of all living animals, is the result of an uninterrupted natural experiment that expands for around three and a half billion years and is driven by the evolutionary power of natural selection. It's easy to take our complexity for granted as normal, but how did our single-celled ancestors develop into the incredibly complex organisms we are today? Have you ever wondered, for instance, why you don't eat and poop out of the same orifice? That is a legitimate scientific question (I won't comment on 2 girls 1 cup...), and a problem our ancestors luckily evolved to overcome.

Today's fascinating documentary reveals the story of our aquatic ancestors, and those of other lineages, and the truly amazing and bizarre adaptive strategies that allowed them to survive in a world full of competition and ruthlessly hungry predators (think megalodon, for example).

As you'll see, the basic outline of your own body plan can be traced back not only to apes and other cute and cuddly mammals but all the way back to cold-blooded creatures like fish, sea squirts, flatworms, jelly fish and even single-celled organisms.

I'm having a hard time feeling the love connection for those slimy hag fish... :)p
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