God on Trial

Why is there so much suffering in the world and what kind of God would allow it to happen? In this deeply moving and thought-provoking film, a group of Jewish concentration camp prisoners housed in the macabre facilities of Auschwitz, some of whom will be executed the following day, decide to put God on trial in absentia—go figure—and charge him with breach of contract. The charges, they believe, are supported by ample scriptural evidence strongly suggesting that God has established a consistent historic pattern of failing to honor the covenant He set up with the Jewish people in the Old Testament.

The film beautifully captures many of the ideas related to the philosophical problem of evil (the question of how the existence of an all-powerful and benevolent deity can be reconciled with the existence of unnecessary suffering), presenting with great eloquence most of the essential arguments provided by defenders and critics of God and religion, and boldly taking many of these arguments to their disturbing logical conclusions.

If you have rejected belief in God, many of these arguments will be familiar. For those of you who have never questioned your faith, these are the kind of questions that ought to be confronted in order to make sense of your own belief. When unquestioned, faith is cheap. If faith is to have any meaning, it must be grounded in doubt. The question is whether it can survive it...

And if the video above disappears, you can always try watching it here.
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