Sarah Palin - When Parodies Write Themselves

Being a comedian and/or satirist has become increasingly easy in the last decade. Because of the corruption and ineptitude of politicians and pundits, half of all comedy writing is being outsourced to politicians and pundits themselves, who generously offer their services, believe it or not, free of charge!

Take Sarah Palin. While she may be a GILF (and apart from her qualifications shooting innocent moose, believing in quack religions, thinking that creationism even remotely resembles a scientific theory, trying to impose abstinence-only education on horny teenagers across the land while her daughter gets knocked up out of wedlock, charging rape victims for their own rape kits and medical examinations, thinking that she is qualified to deal with foreign policy because she can almost see Russia from her house, and condemning 'elitism' instead of realizing that education and experience qualifications are actually a good thing when you want to become the leader of the free world), her credentials and experience are almost nonexistent.

Here is Tina Fey beautifully portraying some of this nonsense.

And if you don't believe Palin would actually be that dumb and say those things, you would be, oh, so mistaken:

It seems all the crash course training she's been going through behind closed doors while hiding from any direct contact with questions from media (other than the farce of Fox News) is not quite paying off, is it?

Did she really think that governing the nation could just be done by reading a teleprompter?
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