Philip Zimbardo: How Ordinary People Become Monsters... or Heroes

What would it take for you to electrocute an innocent human being? Are you an independent thinker or a conformist and obedient drone? Really? What are the odds? Another unique snowflake, just like everyone else :)

The classic Stanley Milgram experiments on obedience to authority led rise to a host of experiments that strongly suggest one's sense of self is less than accurate and may be easily hijacked for sinister purposes. Philip Zimbardo's famous Stanford Prison experiments have also become classic tales of the brain gone bad, and in this presentation he makes a compelling case that the lessons learned from that infamous experience can shed light on current political and ethical scandals, as well as on possible solutions.

Warning: some of the images contain graphic and disturbing scenes.

What will you do in the moment of truth? How do you know?
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