The Merovingian on Free Will and Determinism

Are you free? Do you make your own choices? Are your choices really yours? You may feel they are, but couldn't that just be an illusion? In fact, isn't that the more likely of the two possibilities?

Causality governs the universe, argues the Merovingian in this famous scene from the Matrix: we are all puppets, mostly unaware we are controlled by the eternal and unforgiving strings of cause and effect. We act to satisfy our desires, but we do not control our desires, nor do we have a choice about what desires to have. Our subjective experience of freedom is contradicted by the metaphysical constraints the world imposes on our physical and mental being.

Neo and Morpheus believe everything begins with choice, but without an explanation of how this is possible, that remains a platitude. Whatever your take on the issue, the Merovingian has, at the very least, an explanation consistent with his ontological commitments. Do you?

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