Africa: The Serengeti

Tracing the great migration cycles of wildebeest herds over a million and a half strong, as well as their encounters with other great herbivores and confrontations with powerful and hungry predators, this beautiful and captivating documentary reveals, with mesmerizing color and to the tune of a great musical score, the great diversity of the Serengeti, one of the last and most important natural sanctuaries left in the world.

In case you are curious, here you will find wildebeests, hypos, rhinoceros, hyenas, giraffes, cheetahs, lions, zebras, birds, crocodiles, gazelles, monkeys and elephants galore.

What a nice and concise line:
The equation of life on the Serengeti is simple:
herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat herbivores...
Brownie points to the first person who can tell me the technical name of animals who prey on carnivores.
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