Virtual Adultery and Cyberspace Love

In the amazing anthropological introduction to youtube from last week, Professor Wesch invited us to rethink a few concepts whose classically essential features may be in need of revision in the fluid and changing age of Web 2.0.

What is love? What constitutes adultery? In the age of cyber sex, internet porn, social networking and virtual reality, where is the line that separates innocent flirtation from sexual infidelity? Can you really fall in love with someone you only know through the selective information shared by an avatar that looks nothing like the person hiding behind it? Do good looking, confident people actually use second life, or is it just for the emotionally and physically handicapped?

The following is a documentary tracing the experiences of some of those involved in the virtual lifestyle, as well as those affected by their behavior. Kudos to you if you don't feel the urge to strangle someone by the end of the video.

If I ever have to resort to second life to find a significant other, somebody please shoot me...
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