The Story of Stuff

Karl Marx was one of the first intellectuals to systematize, with elegant clarity, the impact of capitalism and materialism on human life and human relations. Of particular interest to Marx was the impact of the changing material conditions on those most intimately and directly involved with the means of production: the working class. The total impact, however, goes far, far beyond that.

In the fun and short animation below, Annie Leonard will take you through the complete process of production and consumption patterns that characterize the modern world of materialism and consumerism, bringing to light various connections and interactions between a number of environmental and social issues, including the fact that, contrary to your own beliefs, even your desires are not really your own.

As you watch this short film, think about your own contribution to this set of problems, the effect of your actions for people and the environment all over the world, how much you have been manipulated by the system into developing a myopic and superficial understanding of the means of production and the social costs paid for your self-defeating sense of personal success, and what you are willing to do to free yourself from these suffocating shackles and become the socially responsible person you'd like to be.

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