The Evolution of Penis Size

We all know guys are curiously fascinated by the prospect of advertising to the rest of the world just how big their eponymous little friends are, although for some of us, one name is not large enough be shared by two proud entities. See how I just advertised there? ;)

Of course, wearing power suits and fancy sunglasses when you're just a broker, or driving obnoxiously loud souped up cars, or wearing collared-up polo shirts, or being a loud aggressive jackass, turns out to be an obvious manifestation of compensation for a guy's laughable and pitiable size... we all know that, except for these geniuses, evidently.

But the question is why is penis size is important to us? It turns out that whatever you sport there, sport, says a lot about your ancestors, both male and female, with a seemingly inverse relationship between your present pride or shame and your ancestors' sexual modesty.

Yeah, now I got you thinking about your mom, didn't I? :)
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