Darwin's Legacy

150 years ago today, a joint paper written by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace was read to the Linnean Society. This was the first time the theory of evolution by natural selection first became public. The influence of this scientific theory has been ubiquitous, creating controversy wherever it's gone.

Today's documentary summarizes the impact that the theory of evolution has had, both in its misapplication by social darwinists and eugenecists, and in its attempt to scientifically explain increasingly complex biological phenomena, such as altruism and human psychology.

Among those talked about and interviewed are Thomas Henry Huxley, Herbert Spencer, Francis Galton, John Maynard Smith, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, Robert Trivers and E.O. Wilson.

Click here to watch an excellent biographical reenactment of Darwin's life and intellectual struggle to articulate the conceptual foundations of his theory.
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