For the Bible Tells Me So

This moving documentary explores, from what seems to be a Christian point of view, the fragile intersection of religion and homosexuality in America, and shows how many popular interpretations of intolerant passages in the Bible are usually conveniently and arbitrarily picked and taken out of their historical, linguistic and social context in order to render their meaning more suitable to modern bigotry, homophobia and hatred.

In the documentary we meet five devout Christian families, each with a gay child. As the film progresses, we are exposed to the intricacies and tensions with which these families have had to struggle, and the vastly different consequences, both tragic and inspirational, to which this personal and filial challenge could lead.

Among those interviewed are Desmond Tutu, Laurence Keene, Gene Robinson, Dick Gephardt, Peter Gomes, Richard Holloway and Mel White.

Despite the nuanced interpretations of the famous Bible passages provided by some of the scholars interviewed, it seems to me that, at bottom, these passages and many others are ultimately intolerant and divisive.

How come it never occurred to any of these people to question whether their holy book was not originally inspired by hateful and vindictive authors?
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