The Awesomest Sentence I Read Today

Well, it's actually more like the awesomest thing I heard today... In one of Point of Inquiry's most interesting interviews yet, Austin Dacey argues for the possibility of grounding an objective secular moral standard. Somewhere along this fascinating conversation, the topic of the science of ethics comes up, and Dacey dishes out this baby:

First, we know what a science of ethics, a science of good and evil, is not going to be like. I mean, we don't expect physicists one day to discover, alongside the fundamental wave particles (electrons, protons, muons, gluons, and so on) this moral particle, call it the moron, the magnitude of which could be measured in ordinary actions in order to determine how right they are.
Click here to listen to this great interview. Being somewhat of a subjectivist in the Humean tradition, and as a student of evolutionary psychology, I personally disagree with Dacey on a number of points, but he definitely delivers some challenging and interesting food for thought well worth thinking about.
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