Who Killed the Electric Car?

Automotive technology in America during the 1990's held the promise of technological and environmental vision for the 21st century, especially with the General Motors EV1 electric car, which was made available through leases to residents of California and Arizona. Despite of overwhelmingly positive reviews by those fortunate few who got to drive them, the entire project was killed. Today's documentary attempts to unearth the reasons behind this backward move and those responsible. Was it the government? Consumers? Oil companies? Car companies? Hydrogen fuel technology? You? Watch and find out...

Among those consumers who got a chance to drive these cars you'll see Ralph Nader, Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson (yes, I'm sure the director is probably regretting that last choice by now...).

Disclaimer: I haven't yet had a chance to watch this documentary, but I have heard and read some positive reviews from reputable sources, so, trusting their judgment, I am posting it here for your enjoyment.
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