Penn & Teller - Self-Help Bullshit!

The self-help industry rakes in tremendous amounts of money every year, courtesy of credulously innocent fools who lack even the simplest forms of bullshit detection. For instance, they fail to see the irony in going to someone else for "self help." I'm going to go run into a wall to see if it makes sense then...

And obviously, well, at least to some of us, the money reapers are voracious predators posing as friendly house pets, just waiting to make you feel good about your miserably messed up life, all in exchange of money and ratings. In this video, and thanks to Penn & Teller, tools like Tony Robbins and Dr. Phil get exposed for the conniving and exploitative douchebags that they are.

Did you get what that dude said?
There are no magic pills.
You mean I actually have to solve my problems? Help myself? Self-help... and if it's supposed to be self help, why are these people paying others to help them?

I'm going to go run into that wall now...

Oh, and if you want to see what Penn & Teller think about the Bible, watch this amusing video.
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