Ken Miller: God, Darwin, and Design

Creationism is like a hydra: every time it is dealt a deadly blow, and although it denies the reality of evolution, it sort of evolves from its defunct form into a new version, with a new name, like creation science or intelligent design 'theory,' leaving behind the same sort of transitional fossil evidence whose existence it so vehemently denies.

In this very recent lecture at the University of Texas in Austin, biologist Ken Miller, a professed catholic, very nicely summarizes the points of contention between these two approaches to the understanding of life, laying down the overwhelming evidence that supports evolutionary theory, as well as the misinformation and deceit perpetrated by creationists.

You can also go here to watch the original lecture webcast, and here to watch move videos with Dr. Miller.

To see the awesome NOVA movie Miller refers to, just visit this earlier entry.
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