Gutenberg and the Machine that Made Us

It is almost impossible to think of the modern world without the printed word; and if you love books, this documentary is for you. Long before the internet, the first media revolution took place in Europe in the 1400's, when Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type printing.

In this documentary, Stephen Fry explores the history and development of the printing press, as well as the technological revolution that had to occur for Gutenberg's ambitious vision to come to fruition. The invention of the printing press, as you will see, required the invention and production of other, more subtle and complicated technologies, some of which required the ingenuity and creativity of someone precisely like Gutenberg.

A perfectionist to the end, Gutenberg demanded of himself, even in the very first book produced by his invention, nothing less than absolute elegance and symmetry. The result, the Gutenberg Bible, is nothing short of artistic beauty worthy of historical reverence.

You could also think about it this way: Gutenberg started the process by which people's jobs are taken over by machines. Your job is next. Good luck... :)
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