Gordon Gecko: Greed Is Good

In this short excerpt, Gordon Gecko, the charismatic villain of Oliver Stone's Wallstreet, delivers the famous speech that defends the idea of the 'evolutionary' process of the free market, based on a classic misunderstanding of what the concept of 'survival of the fittest' means.

The interesting and ironic thing about this speech, which has converted countless people into hard-core laissez-faire capitalism, is that Gordon Gecko himself does not believe in the free market. In fact, his success is a consequence of the fact that, rather than abiding by the principles of a free market, Gecko manipulates it to his own advantage through the practice of insider trading.

Go figure, a nice little speech, a couple of nice sounding words, coupled with great charisma and you can make anyone believe you, even if you're full of crap... :)
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