Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus

For those of you who may have suffered through the agony of the duplicitous and assiduously insulting Ben Stein documentary 'Expelled' (which itself has completely expelled intelligence and honesty from rational discourse), here is an even-handed and tolerant approach to understand this popular 'controversy' that just won't go away, even though no disagreement exists within the scientific community and no matter how magnificent the evidence supporting evolution is and keeps becoming.

In this amusing and informative documentary, Randy Olson amiably talks to advocates for both sides, letting their reasons be heard and articulated. Although Olson admits to being an evolutionist from the outset, he is not out to vilify or demonize those whose views he disagrees with, but to understand them, and then analyze the merits of such views.

Yes, the rabbit thing was total news to me too...
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