Brian Greene: The universe on a string

In this TEDTalk presentation, Brian Greene, the famous author and proponent of super string theory, and narrator of the classic documentary series The Elegant Universe (watch part 1, part 2 and part 3), explains the theoretical developments that have changed our understanding of space and time from the absolute space of Newton to Einstein's dynamic space-time continuum, to a universe that might contain a total of eleven dimensions. The shape and structure of these dimensions, Greene claims, might help explain the incredibly finely tuned constants that hold our universe together.

One of the remarkable points about this presentation is that Greene discusses ways in which string theory might actually be empirically tested, and finally, if confirmed, make the transition from a purely mathematical model to a bona-fide scientific theory. The way to test this would be through CERN: the Large Hadron Collider, about which you can learn in this great documentary.

Follow the links ahead to check out more TEDTalks and more videos and documentaries on matters related to The Elegant Universe.
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