Brainspotting - Part 2

In the first episode of this great documentary series, we have seen Ken Campbell try to make sense of the idea that matter can somehow produce conscious experience (while removing his brain from his body). In today's episode, and assuming at some point our technology develops to the point that we can create artificial intelligence and consciousness, could we then actually explain how consciousness is produced, or will it still be a mystery even then?

Although this is not necessarily representative of either discipline, the documentary showcases the great disagreement between those who believe we can understand consciousness as simply the greater complexity and intercommunication of computational systems, with cognitive scientist and artificial intelligent guru Marvin Minsky representing them; and those philosophers who do not think mere digital computation, no matter how complex, can actually produce conscious mental states and qualia (John Searle, for example), and those who might concede the development of conscious machines might be possible, but believe it still would not explain anything meaningful about consciousness (like Galen Strawson).

While the disagreement goes on, there is a dramatization of John Searle's famous and highly controversial Chinese Room Argument, as well as one of Frank Jackson's Knowledge Argument about Mary, the scientist who knows everything there is to know scientifically about color perception without ever having experienced colors other than black, white and all shades of gray.

What side do you agree with, or are you stuck wanting to accept them both too?
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