Consciousness and Free Will

The following video is a short excerpt from a documentary narrated by Susan Greenfield on the question of human consciousness. How does consciousness arise out of seemingly inanimate chemical molecules? So far we've got no clue... not even an idea of what a good theory would look like. How much of what goes on in the brain takes place below the level of consciousness? That's an easy one to answer: most of it. What does this suggest for the possibility of self-knowledge? What a joke! What does the study of consciousness suggest about the freedom of our will? That it's just an illusion you can't think your way out of... so good luck!

I've long wondered whether blind literary geniuses like Homer and Milton, whose vivid use of visual imagery in their books is unparalleled, were really blind, or whether they suffered from blindsight. That would explain a lot, wouldn't it? What do you think?

For more on these and related questions, check out the mind tag.

Major kudos to anyone who can help me find the complete documentary!
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