Richard Dawkins: Growing Up in the Universe - Waking Up in the Universe

In 1991, Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins delivered the prestigious Faraday Christmas lectures, founded by the famous chemist and physicist Michael Faraday as an attempt to disseminate the understanding of science to the general public, and especially to children.

In this first lecture, Dawkins explores the rare coincidence that it is to find ourselves alive in the universe, and systematically tries to uncover the anesthetic veil of familiarity that may ordinarily make us blind to the wonders and mysteries all around us. In the process, he provides a basic explanation of the process of natural selection and shows, through numerous examples, why science may be the best, and perhaps only, discipline suited to help us understand the world around us.

And this is not just hype. Dawkins is ready to put his money where his mouth is. To prove his commitment to scientific knowledge, he risks having his skull crushed to pieces by a solid metal ball racing towards him. You'll want to watch this...

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