The Moon

Our love affair with the moon ended in 1972, when we decided to abandon our manned missions to our natural satellite in search for more exciting bodies (click here to see a great documentary on one of Saturn's moons: Titan). Today's documentary explores the history of this love affair, as well as the influence of the moon on a variety of phenomena here on Earth, including the tides, the reproductive cycles of many organisms (perhaps even our own), and the many different rituals and superstitious beliefs to which it has led.

The documentary also explores the Apollo missions that flew to the moon, as well as what scientists have been able to determine about its origin, and the history of the solar system itself, based on samples brought back by astronauts.

Finally, although we have spent a lot of time exploring other moons in the solar system (and you'll get a crash course on Io, Europa and Titan here), the race to the moon is back on, with governments and private businesses competing to remake history.

Any bets on who will win?
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