Richard Dawkins: Enemies of Reason, Part 2

This second episode of the BBC documentary Enemies of Reason, narrated by Oxford evolutionary biology professor Richard Dawkins, deals with the outrageous ideas behind so-called alternative medicine. If you have ever been curious about homeopathy, chakras, energy pathways and energy transfers, quantum healing, etc., this documentary will do you a double favor by informing you of what they are and why you should pursue science-based medicine instead.

More importantly, Dawkins explores the paradox that people today are more likely to disparage science-based medicine, even though this is precisely the kind of medicine that has allowed them to live long enough to bitch about it... Although I'm not sure exactly where I stand on the issue of animal research, since it's a very complex issue, it did remind me of this poster:

The greatest irony, however, is provided by Dawkins himself. Throughout this documentary series, he is attempting to debunk disciplines and beliefs, such as pseudo-science and the paranormal, which are not based on objective evidence, but Dawkins himself turns out to be a mind reader!

As you'll see, early on in the documentary Dawkins talks to a woman who believes our double-helixed DNA is based on an imperfect inheritance from our perfect ancestors in Atlantis, who had twelve strands. And then it comes, Dawkins narrates:
I know what you're thinking: "this woman is way out. I expected a serious programme about the attack on science, and here is Richard Dawkins just picking on an easy target."
His psychic abilities sent chills down my spine... ha ha ha. Fortunately, things get better as the documentary progresses.

By the way, you can watch the first episode here.
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