This Film Is Not Yet Rated

It was about time someone did a documentary on film censorship in America... Something is profoundly wrong in our society when we start censoring films that depict intimacy between people (or puppets, in the case of Team America) that, if not in love with each other, at the very least like each other enough to share in some mutual physical pleasuring. Compare this with the fact that we allow so much violence in our films that we have become desensitized to the most horrific and gory acts such as blowing people up, chopping off heads and limbs, or having a single 'hero' wantonly and indiscriminately kill hundreds of people who happen to be on the other side.

Who decides what minors can watch and what they can't? More importantly, who should make these decisions? I think it ought to be parents who make these decisions. The truth, however, is that there is a ratings commission whose job it is, to put it as succinctly as I can, to abdicate our personal and moral responsibility as parents, and to impose their moral views on the rest of us. Now, if that doesn't strike you as immoral, I don't know what will...

The following documentary explores the hidden world of the unbelievably secretive Motion Picture Association of America's rating system, how they operate, the unconstitutionality of their rules, as well as the people and corporations whose interests they serve (and by the way, it's not your interests they're looking out for...). Yes, in case you're wondering, there is some nudity... enjoy.

And by the way, why are we, as a society, afraid of women whose orgasms outlast men's? Shouldn't we think that's a good thing?
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