How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended

I loved Lord of the Rings, and greatly enjoyed it with my college roommates. There were always a few things that bothered me, though: Frodo's unadmitted gay relationship with Sam (just get it over with, dudes, and stop crying and whining about it) and basically the whole trilogy. What I mean by this last point is that the whole adventure could have been greatly simplified. Yes, I get the idea of symbolism, which is great for a book, but when you translate it into film, the audience's relationship to the story changes, and alterations ought to be made accordingly.

The following video mirrors almost exactly how I would have changed the story:

The only change I would add would be the following: since Frodo is one unreliable pansy, instead of having him throw the ring into Mordor, I would have had the eagle drop Frodo with the ring: problem solved, and everyone would be home on time for dinner. Well, everyone except for Frodo...
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