The Human Sexes 02: The Language of the Sexes

In this fascinating episode, Desmond Morris explores the body language consciously and subconsciously used by men and women in their attempt to secure mates and become attractive to the opposite sex. While this biological language might be expressed through different local dialects, Morris argues, it seems to be based on the same underlying evolutionary principles throughout the different cultures of the planet.

Prepare to understand yourself in a whole new light, as you explore and compare Russian Ballerinas, Chinese foot-binding, American strippers, Muslim veils, pupil dilation, cosmetic makeup, surgical body enhancement, phallic symbolism and worship, gyrating hips, puppy love and juvenile behavior, the nature of eye contact, Mexican mariachis, and predominantly male high risk behavior, as well as the paradox to which it inevitably leads...

If you happened to miss it, click here for the first episode: Different But Equal.
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