Gas Density and Your Voice

In the fall of 1648, Blaise Pascal devised a method that ultimately proved that we live at the bottom of an ocean of air. One of the many morals we can derive from his experiments is that different gases have different densities (and, of course, that the heaviest sink to the bottom). We all know, for instance, that helium is lighter than hydrogen, and so on.

What is interesting is that when Pascal first proposed the idea that we live at the bottom of an ocean of gas, many people thought this was a ridiculous conjecture. I'm sure bottom-dwelling fish would also regard as ridiculous the notion that they live at the bottom of some ocean...

Well, here is some fun empirical proof that shows that even though some gases are invisible, they really can be thought of as liquids, and that when you combine chemistry with biology, you can get some really fun results (unless something explodes or someone loses an eye or a leg, and that someone is you...)

I wonder if, using this technique, I could ever stop sounding like a teenager and sound more like this:

Wouldn't that be awesome?

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