The Evolution of Whales

This first video shows evolutionary biologist Ken Miller explaining and demonstrating why the creationist claim that the fossil record presents problems for evolutionary biology is just an outright lie, and proceeds to show that the fossil record actually supports the evolutionary account of even one of the most interesting evolutionary phenomena in the animal kingdom: the evolution of whales from land to aquatic mammals.

But you don't have to take Miller's word at face value, you can check out the fascinating and undeniable fossil record (the transitional forms that creationists repeatedly deny exist) for yourself:

To see Dr. Miller's full lecture clarifying the waters muddled by creationists disguised as 'intelligent design theorists', check out this previous entry. It's well worth the time to watch, learn a little science and understand the deception tools used by those who just can't accept reality and want to force your children to be taught their lies.
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