Cosmos: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

I'm going on vacation, traveling throughout upstate New York for about a week, so I probably won't be able to post any entries while roaming through the woods or living in a tent, but I wanted to leave everyone with a fascinating and immemorial entry to watch and ponder till I get online again.

This is the first episode of the documentary series, narrated by the greatly missed Carl Sagan, which has impacted more people's lives than any other documentary in history: Cosmos. In this first episode you'll travel with Sagan throughout the universe, from the farthest known reaches to the pale blue dot we call home, you'll learn how the ancient Greek Erathostenes realized that the earth is round and managed to calculate its circumference to an incredible accuracy using only sticks and shadows, you'll visit the legendary library of Alexandria, and you'll travel through time in the cosmic calendar that marks the age and events of the universe to the last few seconds of the cosmic year: our time.

The theme song will be stuck in your head (in a good way) for days to come... hopefully till I return with more top quality entries for your edumacation and amusement. Peace out!
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