Fucking, Austria

The sign on the left is, as it turns out, no joke. That's the name of a German town (or Austrian, I'm not sure) not too far north from Salzburg... Don't believe me? As always, you should not take my word for it, you can look it up yourself. In fact, why don't I save you the trouble? Here is a link to a map where the town is displayed (you can zoom in and out as much as you want)...

Apparently, and this part could be fake, the citizens of this awesomely named town are not exactly happy with all the town signs that British tourists keep stealing, as hilariously reported below (click on the picture to make it more legible):

Are the residents called fuckers?
What about the mothers? What are they called?
What would you learn at the Fucking High School?
Would you be punished for desecrating the Fucking flag?
If your out-of-town friend came to visit, he wouldn't be your Fucking friend, would he?

Hat tip to Olga!
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