Singing Paccini's Nessun Dorma

I don't watch the idol show... I tried once and felt my iq dropped significantly, plus I couldn't stand the insecure British jerk who can't seem to feel good about himself without first demeaning others... not that most of the others didn't have it coming too...

Anyway, yesterday I stumbled upon this video accidentally, and it is pretty awesome (I'm not even sure how old this is, so for all I know this might be old news).

This guy, Paul Potts, is a little nobody. He is and looks very insecure, as though he's afraid some kitty cat or perhaps a puppy or a hamster is going to kick his ass. Very innocent guy, with big dreams and, apparently, a godly and thunderous voice. He gets on stage and once the music starts rolling the innocence and insecurity seems to fade and a lion seems to come out and sing Paccini's Nessun Dorma.

I think the female judge totally climaxed... what do you think? And by the way, who is that hottie?

For comparison, this is how it's done by a professional:

The Nessun Dorma has been Pavarotti's signature song for a few decades now. I remember the first time I heard it was during the Soccer World Cup held in Italy in 1990 and thought it was just absolutely brilliant... perhaps one of those early encounters with the sublime.

It made me wonder whether Pavarotti was perhaps a better tenor than Placido Domingo. I'm still ambivalent about it. Any thoughts on that?
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