William Crawley Meets Richard Dawkins

The following is a very good BBC interview of Richard Dawkins by William Crawley on such diverse topics as religious fundamentalism, child abuse, science, the anthropic principle, philosophy of science, epistemology, etc. Crawley does an excellent job at reasonably presenting objections people might offer (reasonable or not) against Dawkins, with the added benefit that they don't just become rhetorical questions, since he does give Dawkins a chance to confront the arguments and respond.

I was a bit disappointed by Dawkins' answer to the question regarding the untestability of the philosophical presuppositions grounding science, although it's difficult to blame him, since it does seem to me to be an ultimately unsolvable problem. Hume's challenge is as alive today as it was almost three centuries ago!

On a different note, I love how Dawkins disentangles Pascal's wager in less than a minute at the very end.
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