An Easy Million Bucks

The Amazing James Randi is willing to pay one million dollars to anyone who can prove, under proper observing conditions, that they truly possess supernatural powers. So, if you are a true psychic, can communicate with the dead, or with God, can levitate, can move things merely through the power of your mind, can heal through touch, can perform miracles, etc. then enter the contest and prove your talent.

All applicants must first pass a preliminary test, which is to be followed by a formal test. So far, the prize has not been claimed, since no one has passed even the preliminary test.

For those of you not familiar with him, James Randi is a famous magician and self-described professional charlatan, uniquely trained in the art of deception and trickery. This talent, which he shares with other great magicians like Houdini and Penn & Teller, allows him to identify cases of deceit with more ease than the general public. In other words, he has an amazingly fine tuned bullshit detector.

Here he is exposing a few notably famous quacks:

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