The Body of Christ... Yummy...

Here are two articles (here and here) reporting on the latest religious controversy, and no, it does not involve catholic priests and little boys this time, although it does not rule out that possibility either.

There is an uproar among the American catholic community over the latest artistic inspiration of Cosimo Cavallaro, who designed an anatomically correct sculpture of Jesus, measuring 6 feet in height, made entirely of milk chocolate, and dubbed... quite appropriately and inappropriately simultaneously, "My Sweet Lord." (That's what I call artistic genius).

While I have an intuition about why religious people are so upset, I don't quite really understand the uproar. In the new testament, (Matthew 26:26 - 26:28, to be precise), JC takes some bread, breaks it and tells everyone that that is his body, and that they should eat it. Later he does the same thing with blood, and that they should drink it.

I won't get into the cannibalistic connotations of this idea, but I can't help but think that the ultimate justification of those offended by the new sculpture is that instead of being made of chocolate, it should have been made of bread, sort of like the Pillsbury dough boy. Or maybe they just don't like chocolate?

Oh yeah, did I mention the sculpture does not feature a loin cloth? That's right, when you eat this version of the body of Christ, you could get some divine schlong goodiness in you, literally the kind that melts in your mouth.
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