Are Herbivores Really Vegetarian?

According to this Reuters article, herbivores may not necessarily be the animal-friendly vegetarians we may have previously assumed.

When dozens of chickens went missing from a village in India, the culprit was nowhere near the list of the usual suspects: the local dogs, a meandering wolf, the town drunk or the local chinese restaurant (that might have been more likely if the local cats also started to disappear, ha ha).

Meet Lal, a cow with a taste for chicken... actually, you can't really meet her, or see her, since I don't have a picture of her... but you get my point. That's right, this 'vegetarian' was caught munching on some chicken goodness in the middle of the night, when no one was watching.

This sort of anecdotally confirms my suspicion that vegetarians sneak out at night to get their hands on some succulent and bloody steak...

If cows weren't considered sacred in India, I would totally be curious to see whether she ends up tasting like chicken... What do you think?
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