Happy SAD Day!

You may be thinking that I'm contradicting myself way too early in the morning for any self-respecting sober person, but then you'd be assuming I'm self-respecting, or sober, or that I don't like to contradict myself, all of which are nice leaps of faith on your part, so thank you for that kindness.

But yeah, HAPPY SAD DAY... SAD being an acronym for singles awareness day.

That's right... the day after all of us in relationships get to celebrate the fact that we normally take our relationships for granted -and then make up for that by getting fattening chocolate or soon-to-wither flowers for our significant other one day a year, while still managing to get some action every now and then- all of you single people get to celebrate... umm.... the fact that you're all alone... so happy day to you!

But I don't actually want to disparage the single lifestyle, unless it's not by choice... then you're a total loser and should re-evaluate your life... What's wrong with you? Why doesn't anyone like you? Buah ha ha ha ha...

Being single rules. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my relationship and would not want to change anything about it, but there is something to be said for the freedom of being your own person, and not that have that pathetic need to feel complete only if someone else happens to like you. We are taught that happiness greatly depends on being in relationships, and are discouraged from being single, but that's a pathetic attitude. If you're single, you should embrace it. You can't really find love until you love yourself, and if you truly love yourself, then you don't have that pathological need to be with someone else, so as long as you have that crazy need to be with someone else, you probably should not get in a relationship. If you're single, you should celebrate that.

What doesn't strike me as very cool is when singles try to "celebrate" being single, only one day suspiciously close to valentine's day, in a reactionary attempt to escape the single life they are supposed to be celebrating by hooking up with someone who will make them unsingle.

But if you are genuinely celebrating, congratulations to you...

And for the single ladies who want to celebrate being single, here is a little something something that I thought didn't exist in my previous post on ipods, so enjoy!

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