Feminist and Valentine's day

I think of this blog as a nice source for all kinds of interesting things, and try to include educational material whenever I find some, since I like to learn new stuff and share it with whoever is interested. I'm all about spreading the happiness, in whatever form it takes... my crew friends know what I'm talking about.

But I also love humor, and I don't shy away from anything that is controversial or so-called politically incorrect; in fact, I embrace it. I find the idea of political correctness itself offensive, so there you go. Maybe I'll write an entry on this soon.

Having said that, the clip below, of some goth feminist chick ranting about valentine's day, is absolutely hilarious, but I do have to warn you that there is a fair amount of explicit material there, so make your choice as to whether you want to see it or not in an informed fashion, and don't come to me later complaining that it might have been in bad taste or offensive, since you've been warned already. To view it, just click 'play' below.

Hope you found it as funny as I did. It really is great...

Source: Ill Will Press
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