Evolution 101 Podcast

If you want to learn about evolution, but are too damn lazy to pick up a good book, I'm here to inform you that your dream has finally come true! Now you'll be able to learn about evolution right here in my blog, hopefully while you're working out and making yourself look hot.

I totally believe in being lazy, but not in unqualified laziness. Laziness, when properly practiced, promotes the development of efficiency, since you have to figure out ways to get all the things you need to get done in as little time and with the least amount of energy expended as possible, while simultaneously attempting to produce your best work.

Working hard is for fools... I prefer to work smart...

Anyway, below I'm including a media player from which you can listen to episodes that teach evolutionary theory. The episodes, from Evolution 101, are regularly updated, which means it's a work in progress, so I would recommend you bookmark this page... you know you want to. I'll probably also end up also posting it to the right side of this blog so that they are permanently displayed for everyone's convenience.

Have fun being lazy while you learn some science:

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