Chimpanzees hunt with spears!

According to this article from the BBC, our closest genetic relatives, chimpanzees, have been habitually observed (at least 13 times) both manufacturing and using spears to hunt--get this--other primates!

Seems like a monkey eat monkey world.

Actually, a few months ago there were reports of Congo guerrilla fighters feasting on gorillas, so I guess it really is a monkey eat monkey world after all... poor gorillas...

This latest discovery about our chimp cousins reveals more evidence of a shared ancestry, and it may also suggest, I think, that given certain conditions, they could potentially evolve to exploit some sort of mental niche, just like we have. It would be interesting to see a world a few million years from now (assuming we haven't destroyed the planet and driven chimpanzees to extinction) where both humans and chimps went to school together.

For those of you who may not have been familiar with the fact that chimps are not the vegetarians they were once thought to be, here is a little video that shows them in action:

As gruesome as the scene might be, it's impossible not to recognize there some sort of parallel to us, isn't it?
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