The best way to prevent teen pregnancy

What do you think is the best way to prevent teen pregnancy?

Abstinence? Yeah right... even the virgin Mary got knocked up with that strategy.... Condoms? Nope, they can break... The pill? Pretty good, but not fool-proof...

The real answer: give them a kid of their own!

It may sound unintuitive, but, according to this article from Reuters, this is precisely what Mexican high school students in the state of Chihuahua are doing -I just love how Chihuaua is the name of a state. Do they have a state of Chalupa? How about Burrito? Chimichanga? Speedy Gonzales?

Anyway, these students have been given computerized babies that have an uncanny resemblance to human babies: they burp, smile, poop, cry to no end, including in the middle of the night, and even show signs of drug withdrawal!!! And the crying won't end until they're taken care of; yep, they are attention whores, just like human babies.

The idea is obvious: once you have to take care of these obnoxious noise-producing beings for a few days (and they do have to take them home for a few days), you learn your lesson: kids are evil, and no one in their right mind should have any.

Genius, huh?

I just thought of another plan that's even better than this. It's not really a brand new idea for me, it's just something I once said to someone who was annoying the hell out of me. I don't hold grudges, so I can't remember who this person was, but I do remember rolling on the floor immediately after my out-of-the-blue comment: "I wish your mom had swallowed you," if you get my drift... ha ha ha!
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