Bend over and take it like a man!

According to this article from the Christian Science Monitor, sixteen months after his divorce, this dude, Richard Parker, found out through some DNA test that his 3-year old son was not really his own child. Obviously, his skanky wife had been cheating on him while they were still married.

Parker filed charges for fraud by his ex-wife, and took the case all the way up to the Florida Supreme Court.

The verdict: they bent him over and let him have it... it was a unanimous 7-0 decision against him! Parker will have to continue to pay $1,200 a month in child support, which will add up to more than $200,000 over the next 15 years.

Yeah, if you're pulling out your hair, I'm with you. Here is the court's justification for their decision, as quoted in the article:

"We find that the balance of policy considerations favors protecting the best interests of the child over protecting the interests of one parent defrauded by the other parent in the midst of a divorce proceeding," writes Justice Kenneth Bell for the court.

"We recognize that the former husband in this case may feel victimized," he writes. He then quotes a scholar to explain the ruling: "While some individuals are innocent victims of deceptive partners, adults are aware of the high incidence of infidelity and only they, not the children, are able to act to ensure that the biological ties they may deem essential are present."

In other words, if your wife ever cheats on you... it's your fault for trusting her!

There's no word on whether permanently chaining your wife in a secure dungeon would be the court's preferred sanction method of ensuring marital fidelity.

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