The New World Order

I'm not exactly very fond of conspiracy theories, but I have to admit I do find them very interesting, since they normally provide novel cognitive paradigms under which to explain social phenomena and political trends. At the very least they are a different way to understand our world and provide a lot of food for thought; I'm sure in some cases there is even a good measure of truth behind them.

In any case, the following video starts by questioning the legal foundation of a mandatory income tax by asking the simple question of what law can be invoked to support this requirement. Then the whole thing moves to an expansion from the idea of the Federal Reserve to a plan by bankers to dominate the world through consecutive and incremental advances in social control, some of which seem to have been already implemented.

What do you think?

My favorite part by far is the juror woman... the only seemingly non-professional person in this whole interview, but who has some nice logical powers of inference. She totally kicked ass!

For more information about the film and content related matters, go to America: Freedom to Fascism.

Thanks to Everett for this fascinating submission!
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