Impossible choice?

If only three of the following works could be saved, and one had to be lost, which would you rather lose? And why?

Michelangelo's Pieta

Einstein's 1905 seminal paper on relativity.

Mozart's Don Giovanni.

William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

This interesting question was asked by French microbiologist Antoin Danchine in his book, The Delphic Oracle: What Genomes Tell Us.

Danchine believes the right answer is actually not that difficult to figure out. You can check out his rationale in the source link below, but before you do that, try to answer this question for yourself, and leave some comments explaining your rationale. I'd love to read how you arrived at your answers.

My answer happened to be the same as Danchine's. The concept of convergent evolution led me to my answer, although I must admit it is a rather odd association. Even though I came up with the same answer, I was definitely gripped at first by the seemingly difficulty of the choice.

Source: Science Musings.
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