Cosmic scale

Whenever you go outside in the middle of a clear night, and you look at the sky, especially where there is little light pollution, it takes only a few minutes to get that strange sense of desolation while contemplating the size of the universe. I think this is a healthy exercise that should be partaken in every once in a while. It's good to realize there is more to life than just our immediate surroundings, and that many of our afflictions are perhaps not as important as we might take them out to be. In many cases, this realization alone can help us feel better about some matter we can reevaluate as actually trivial.

But now that winter is finally here, it gets a hell of a lot harder to go outside for any considerable amount of time without freezing or getting frostbite, so for those of you who would still appreciate understanding our cosmic scale of importance, you need only hit the play button below.

Pretty impressive, huh?

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