The champion of the evolution game

An average man who lived about a thousand years ago would currently have, on average, somewhere around 800 descendants. That's all just demographic statistics. There seems to have been someone, however, who has something in the vicinity of 16 million descendants today!

Listen to this fascinating story on a DNA detective story to find out who this unbelievably (re)productive success story was... Well, I guess the media below kind of gives it away... Nevertheless, the genetic research that led to this discovery is still super interesting.

So it seems his evolutionary strategy was two-fold: first, eliminate competitors from the gene pool by killing them, and two, maximize the number of sexual partners by forcibly raping them. Sounds like an extremely efficient strategy, if you can get away with it. No one ever said that evolution was a nice process, but it is interesting...

It's also rather odd and disturbing how so many people want to find out if they are his descendants, and hope this is the case, even though just a little bit of reflection would suggest that they are the descendants of a serial rapist!!!
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