Penn & Teller: Bible is Bullshit!

I know I posted this video before, but it turns out it wasn't the whole thing, and this here is... Since I don't watch much TV anymore, except for House and the occasional Colbert Report episode, I did not even know if the existence of this whole Bullshit! series, but now that I know it's out there, I'll be sure to bring myself up to speed.

One thing I noticed about this video, and which Penn Jilette has mentioned in his radio show, is that Penn & Teller believe in being fair: they don't take excerpts from people they interview out of context. Apparently, before interviewing someone they know they don't agree with, they'll be forthcoming about their disagreement and assure the person that his or her responses won't be distorted or edited in such a way as to misrepresent them, but that they will make fun of them...

Anyway, here's the whole thing:

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