Merry Mithras

Take a myth about the Roman God Mithras, change the name to Jesus, and you get a religious belief logically indistinguishable from Christianity... And this is not merely logically indistinguishable... most religions are logically indistinguishable: believe in something for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

I knew that Christianity got its philosophical articulation from Paul's appropriation of Plato's metaphysics and epistemology. Anyone who ever reads Plato should notice that Christianity is the watered-down, easy-to-understand, cliff-notes version of the realm of the Forms. This is precisely why Nietzsche said it best: "Christianity is platonism for the herd."

But to take this even further, the Jesus myth, which came about two hundred years after Mithras (which is itself not completely original, as it has Persian roots) actually shares the same content!

So, as I have long suspected, Christianity is not even original... what a shocker...

Obviously, though, there are substantial differences: as the lady points out... no one evere goes "Oh Mithras!" when they're coming... buah ha ha

Click here for more similarities between the Jesus and Mithras myths.
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